Saturday, October 16, 2010

Navaratri Sambrama in Ramanagaram

It is during Navaratri, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of the universal mother, commonly referred to as "Durga," which literally means the remover of miseries of life. She is also referred to as "Devi" (goddess) or "Shakti" (energy or power). It is this energy, which helps God to proceed with the work of creation, preservation and destruction. In other words, you can say that God is motionless, absolutely changeless, and the Divine Mother Durga, does everything. Truly speaking, our worship of Shakti re-confirms the scientific theory that energy is imperishable. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is always there.

Navaratri celebration is on full swing in Ramanagaram. Almost all temples especially "Devi" temples have maximum crowd. The prime diety of Ramanagaram "Sri Bannimahakali", the second most preferred diety "Sri Chamundeshwari" temples are centres of attraction. Every day the dieties are decorated, pooja’s are performed and prasadam distributed. On this context Sri Kannikaparameshwari Temple in M.G.Road, Ramanagaram is no exception. On second day of Navaratri, the goddess Sri Vasavi was decorated as "Boodevi" which was a feat for the eyes. Famous artist brothers Mr. Anantasatyam and Mr. Radhakrishna put out their creativity to the full extent as they do every year.

On Vijayadashami, the last day of the season, deities (utsava moorthys) from various temples are taken to “Bannimantapa” performed special poojas and are taken back to the temples. HAPPY NAVARATRI!

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